Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fresh Fruit at Jicaro

Coconut is a fruit that is common in tropical places and is one of the most common fruits in the islets of Granada. We are lucky to have this delicious fruit in the islands surrounding  Jicaro Island Ecolodge. Coconut water is very refreshing and helps restore fluids in the body on hot days. Here, our guests are enjoying a refreshing coconut water.

Located on a private island on Lake Nicaragua near Granada, Jicaro Lodge is a boutique hotel offering a variety of tours and activities.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Family Experience in Nicaragua at Jicaro

We had a family stay at Jicaro recently and they asked if they could share their experiences with us in our blog.  Of course!  We love hearing our guests stories...if you would like to share your experiences on our blog, please email:

Here is their story:

Our family went sunset kayaking in Lake Nicaragua. It is very different  from the lakes we canoe or kayak on in the United States because the foliage and the birds and mammals are so different than anything we have seen.
 Our guide was magnificent. He took us to areas of the lake we would have never found on our own. He introduced us to the different kind of birds like: herons, duck, parrots, etc.  We went between small islands and we saw how is the lifestyle in this beautiful place.  We searched for the howler monkeys and with our guide we could found them. We even kayaked through shallow lily pad filled areas of the lake to pick up small fruit (similar to what we call a peach). This trip was awesome, it was a pleasurable experience for our entire family.

During our stay at Jicaro Island we went to the cloud forest at Mombacho volcano.  It is one of the most amazing sights we have experienced. We found birds, glasswing butterflies, howler monkeys and the red eyed tree frog. The view from the top of the volcano was breathtaking and the hike was highly enjoyable. After that we went zip lining, that was a wonderful experience as well.

Located on a private island on Lake Nicaragua near Granada, Jicaro Lodge is a boutique hotel offering a variety of tours and activities.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Come Teach Yoga at Jicaro on Lake Nicaragua!!

Experience the beauty and wonder of Nicaragua while teaching our guests yoga!  We’re looking for certified yoga teachers to visit our private island Ecolodge and teach our guests.  From now until December 14th, you will receive one week of free lodging, food and non-alcoholic drinks at Jicaro.  You will be responsible for offering two yoga classes per day (one in the morning and one in the late afternoon/evening).  You are also responsible for your travel to Jicaro as well as any extra services, including activities and spa treatments.

Want to bring a guest with you?  They’ll receive 50% off our rates.

To apply for this special offer, please send an email answering the following questions to:

1. When and where did you receive your certification?
2. What type of yoga do you teach?
3. Do you carry liability insurance and will you name Jicaro as additionally insured?  Please include a copy of your current insurance policy.
4. On average, how many students do you teach every week and where?
5. Have you ever held a retreat?  If so, when, where and how many participants attended?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Exploring Granada, kayaking and making friends at Jicaro

Today is my last day at Jicaro Island Ecolodge in Nicaragua. I had a most wonderful time here. The staff is above and beyond what they need to be striving to meet and exceed your expectations. The casita I stayed in was Gorgeous! It was so comfortable and I can’t even begin to gush about the time I have had here getting to know guests and staff alike. I spent some time in Granada the other weekend and it was fantastic. It was nice getting to explore what the town has to offer! The people are so kind and there is a lot of beautiful things to see. The Cathedral, The Central Park, and the main street with all the restaurants on it are very closely placed. I loved eating at places like The Garden CafĂ© and Mona Lisa Pizza.
I have had little to no trouble with rain ruining anything I’ve wanted to do here. It has all been so great. I hope one day to return here with my family to show them what a great place I had the opportunity to stay at! I feel like I’m leaving with friends which is a great feeling to have since I have been here for two weeks. The lake is wonderful for Kayaking and swimming (as is the pool). The classes and presentations they give here are so much fun as well. It’s a great way to meet other guests that are staying here on the Island with you.
Great experience overall. I believe I have fulfilled the Connect, Learn, Experience and Relax requirements that need to be filled, all the while working on my projects that I needed to finish. I can’t wait to come back here.

Experience the colonial town of Granada near Lake Nicaragua, only twenty minutes from Jicaro’s private island.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cooking and Cocktails at Jicaro

There is so much to do here at Jicaro. As the days pass, I find more to do. Not to mention the tours!
First, we had a drink making class. We learned how to make 3 different drinks which was very fun! It was a nice atmosphere to get to know more of the guests on the island. I would say it was a giant success! I think it is awesome that they have these classes or little presentations or whatever you wish to call them between 3 to 5pm. It breaks up the day a little more and it’s kind of that time of day where the sun is going down and it’s too early for supper yet. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Then I participated in a Cooking Lesson. I got to go ‘behind the oven’ (if you will) to make a dish called Capricho. I have never had it but he said it was similar to Ceviche… which I have never had either. On the bright side it was delicious! We started by slicing up tomatoes, onion, green pepper, and jalapeno into very, very, very thin slices. We tossed in salt, pepper, banana vinegar, Dijon mustard, and a little honey. Then you add the fish. Now, I’m not sure if it is the normal Capricho fish, but we used fresh red snapper. You must cut this very thin as well and then toss it with the other ingredients. You do not set it in the fridge; you just plate it up right away. You then lay out the pieces of fish on a plate like a puzzle and top it off with a little olive oil and some capers. Eat with toast.

The verdict? Surprisingly, it was not fishy. It was very good and very easy to make!
After the cooking lesson I stayed a little to chat and watched our beloved chef make a smoked tuna sandwich, which he let me try as well. It was one of the best I had. Although, I did tell him, he should try it with pineapple next time. Who’s the chef now?

Located on a private island on Lake Nicaragua near Granada, Jicaro Lodge is a boutique hotel offering a variety of tours and activities.