Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jicaro Culinary Highlights!

Food at Jicaro can be described as a Gastronomical Journey of its freshest ingredients and its traditional creations. Nicaragua, like most Latin American countries, has a mixture of African/European/Caribbean-Creole and even a little bit of Asian flavors. We´re a melting pot of flavors and preparations. Fruits and vegetables will be featured, from the moment the sun sends its very first ray of sunlight, in the form of a refreshing juice, or a colorful fruit plate, or let us surprise you with our seasonal fruit cocktails (mandarin mojitos, cactus fruit daiquiris, passion fruit margaritas, to name a few).
Salads will entice our guests during lunch with a variety of lightly-seasoned creations, utilizing a mixture of fruits/ legumes/beans  such as chayote and pipian (squash families), chilote (baby corn), grapefruit, papaya, beets,  seasoned with herbs grown on the premises and topped with local farmers cheeses. Delicacies from our lakes and oceans feature Shrimp Tacos, baked Guapote (also known as Jaguar Capote), and succulent “mojarras”, a small but flavorful fresh water fish (ciclid familly).
Sit back and enjoy the afternoon breeze and views of Mount Mombacho Volcano, while we prepare Hors d´oeuvres and wine in anticipation for a quiet candlelight dinner, an excellent opportunity to try the revered Nicaraguan beef (tasty and succulent), pelibuey (local lamb), or a made-to-order ceviche/carpaccio freshly caught. We offer an open kitchen, and guests are welcome to experience our traditional preparations with our chef.

You will be able to taste Vigorón (baked pork with yucca and a spicy-tangy fruit sauce), quesillo (soft cheese with homemade tortillas), Sopa de Punche (Crab Soup) and the famous “Cabayo Bayo” on Saturday, another opportunity to taste many preparations served in traditional pottery, including meat and vegetable hashes, and experience our gastronomy , drinks, garments, and musical traditions.  At Jícaro Lodge you will definitely experience Nicaragua´s freshest fare and traditional tastes!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cedric Martin School Visit

JicaroIsland Ecolodge has, as one of its main objectives, to support the community of Las Isletas. One of these priorities is education, which is essential for the development of any society. Primary students attend school daily and the children commute in small boats to their school to continue preparing for a better future that will help them develop and become professionals, helping in the development of their community.
There are three schools, which are located in the Isletas which Jicaro has been working directly with on programs such as environmental education, donated supplies and infrastructure support.  This has been due to the support of our guests, who have seen the need and desire to learn in these children.

Karen Emmanuel was visiting the Cedric Martin School  and shared with the children a very cheerful morning. Both teachers and students appreciated the visit of the owner of Jicaro Island Ecolodge, as well as for her valuable support provided to  these children.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Granada Market

The Market in the city of Granada is located in one of the colonial style buildings, built in the late nineteenth century. It is the main site to find fruits and vegetables grown in the area.  Very early in the morning, you will find many people visiting this site to do their shopping.  It is a very busy place, but there are always enough products for everyone. Oranges, papayas, melons, avocados, pineapple, cucumbers etc., are some of the products purchased by the Jicaro Island Ecolodge that are used in the preparation of dishes and delicious juices.
Karen Emmanuel, owner of Jicaro, recently visited this market to meet one of our local suppliers of fruit and vegetables and spent some time walking through the market to talk to buyers and sellers, learning more about local life.   In the future, Jicaro plans to plant orchards with families located on the Isletas to help them improve their quality of life.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cocktails and Coffee at Jicaro!

Our guests often tell us that not only are our cocktails delicious and refreshing but they're so pleased to see how reasonably priced they are, as well! With three pages of drinks to choose from, there are sure to be a few that you'd like to try during your stay with us! Here are a few of our guests favorites...

The Macua...made with Rum Extra Lite, sugar syrup, guava juice, orange and lime...

The Jicaro Sunset...made with Jicaro Liquor, passion fruit juice, banana and coconut milk...

For a light beverage to enjoy with your lunch, we recommend Toña beer, a local Nicaraguan favorite...

And for those of you who need a little pick-me-up in the morning, we offer early morning coffee delivery service to your room as well as coffee drinks, like cappuccinos, throughout the day!

And of course, we also offer coffee liqueur drinks as well!  Now your only decision is where to enjoy your drink...at the swimup bar, the bar/lounge area, poolside or on the deck by the Lake!