Thursday, August 25, 2011

Supporting Our Community

One of our main objectives at Jicaro Island Ecolodge is to support the community of Las Isletas. One of these priorities is education, which is essential for the development of any society, as well as the formation of the human being. Primary and secondary students attend schools daily that are located in the community of Las Isletas. Children and young people travel daily in small boats to their school to continue preparing for a better future that will help them develop intellectually and continue their education to become professionals and help with the development of their community. There are three schools, which are located in the isletas and which have been working with programs such as: environmental education, supplies/donations and infrastructure support.

We are fortunate for the support of our guests, who have seen the need and desire to learn in children. This has helped keep the students excited to learn new skills, as well as care for and protect our natural world, allowing a better environment for meaningful learning.

Recently Diana, Alana, Wendy, Kaitlin, Lauren and Samantha were visiting the Cedric Martin school and shared with children a very cheerful morning.  They also joined in the ongoing education of the children in this community. Both teachers and students appreciated the visit of the six young women, as well as the staff of Jicaro, for their time and valuable support provided to  these children.
To learn more about our Giving Back school program, please click here.

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