Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traditional Cuisine

Nicaraguan food has a richness that delights many, both foreign and local people. There are a variety of very rich and flavourful dishes. It is ideal for a great feast of a good and delicious Nicaraguan cuisine culture. One of these dishes is the Caballo Bayo.
This dish is a significant part of the Nicaraguan gastronomic culture. It is a typical food consisting of different dishes such as: shredded beef, chicken, fried pork chicharrón (fried pork skin), moronga, beef wrapped in fried tortilla, tortilla, ground beans, cheese, indio viejo, among others. Each of these foods is put in a separate container served in earthenware dishes. Some of them are located on mud pieces called diablitos which has coal in its interior to keep hot food. The Caballo Bayo is a buffet of food aroma, texture and delicious flavours.

Chicha de maiz and  linaza accompany this dish, which are served in glasses of gourd.
During your visit to Jicaro, you must try the delicious Nicaraguan cuisine, which will delight your senses!


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