Friday, March 11, 2011

Interview with Gema Gaitan

Gema Gaitan is in charge of the Reservation Department at Jicaro. She was born in Granada, Nicaragua and attended Universidad Centroamericana in Managua and studied how to teach English as a Second Language. As a child, she thought she wanted to be a flight attendant but while in college, she was hired in tourism and has continued to work in the industry ever since. During her time off, she enjoys being at home and meeting friends for coffee.

How did you come to get this job?
I was working at another hotel and heard about a vacancy for the Reservation Department at Jicaro and decided to apply. When I worked in other hotels I used to work as a Receptionist. Working in the Reservation Department has been a wonderful experience for me.

What is your favorite part of your job? What makes you the happiest and why?
My favorite part is when I make the reservation. When I have everything completed and done!

Can you remember one of your favorite days at work when something happened that made you feel particularly good about what you do?
The most memorable day was when I was at the Island, a week after I began working at Jicaro, and I needed to welcome a young couple who was on their honeymoon. I was really nervous as it was my first time doing this and I was concerned they would not understand me. I was trying to do my best and it was obvious that I was nervous but at the end everything was fine. They thanked me for all my help and were really happy to be at Jicaro.

What do you feel are the benefits for tourists or travelers who come to stay at an eco-resort or sustainable hotel as opposed to a regular, mainstream accommodation that does not consider sustainability?
I think our guests realize that we have a beautiful world which we have to take care of. It is not just about sustainability but also about health, wellness, harmony with the environment, everything around you. The first time I went to the island I was thinking to myself, “What can you do in a Hotel without television?” And it is really extraordinary to see people coming to the Island to get out of their routine, the monotony and noise. They come here to forget about everything; they just want to read a book, enjoy the sunshine and the natural world. It is something we can appreciate every single day but we sometimes forget to pay attention to these little things.

Why do you like working with Cayuga personally?
I have not met all of the Cayuga Staff but the people I know are wonderful. They always give a hand any time you need it and help you with everything they can. They welcome you to the company as a family member and give you the tools to work and be as comfortable as you can. I like working at Jicaro and with Cayuga I am also very satisfied.

If the guests who come in contact with you during their stay could take away one particular memory or feeling about you as a staff member, what would you want them to take away and remember forever?
I want the guests to remember that we want to do our best in order to make their stay pleasant; this is our goal. Something to take away about me…I would say that sometimes people may think that I am a little serious but really I am just a little shy.

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