Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Colonial Irrigation System

We went on a hike up the Mombacho Volcano today passing banana and cacao plantations. These plantations have been here since colonial times. The pictures show the structure of the colonial irrigation system that is still in use today. From the viewing platform reached after passing the irrigation system, you have a great view of the Jicaro Island Ecolodge on the Isletas in Lake Nicaragua.

Interesting fact about Cacao beans

Did you know that Cacao beans were used as a currency before the Spanish arrived in Nicaragua? When asked about where the treasures were, the local indigenous tribes sent the Spaniards to the Cacao plantations. You can imagine their disappointment. Today, leaving from Jicaro Ecolodge in Lake Nicaragua you can explore the Cacao and Plantain plantations overlooking the Granada Isletas and learn more about the rich history of Lake Nicaragua.

Fabian, our Nature Guide

Fabian is our nature guide at Jicaro Island Ecolodge. He takes you on nature hikes, kayak trips and up a volcano. This picture was taken on a recent trip to the Mombacho Volcano Hotsprings. The water has the perfect temperature to soak after a hike up the mountain and before heading back to the lodge. Check out the tours at Jicaro here.

Mombacho Volcano

An added plus to staying at Jicaro Island Ecolodge on the Isletas in Lake Nicaragua is the spectacular views of the Mombacho Volcano. The best view is from the water tower on the island early in the morning. This picture was taken in February just before heading to a tour of the volcano. Later in the day, the sun sets on the right of the volcano painting the sky in glorious colors.