Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kayaking on Lake Nicaragua

Here we offer sunrise or sunset kayaking, and even moonlight kayaking. We have staying with us two professionals from Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality, Maria Jose Castro and Fabian Palma. They kayaked earlier this week from the port to the island, 6 km in 60 minutes. “It was hard but we made it,” Maria said. Yes, we are on an island, and the best way to get around is in a kayak. Paddle out in our kayaks and explore the wonderful ecosystem that surrounds our ecolodge. Our experienced guide will help you learn about the natural history of the islands, their importance and the theory of how they were formed according to scientific and ancient knowledge. At some point we will pass by a narrow canal in between islands where water lilies are abundant. These floating plants are part of a special ecosystem that provides food and nesting for different birds. Therefore, you will be able to observe different kinds of shore birds. We highly recommend you bring binoculars to view them up close. Keep your eyes open as lake turtles can also sometimes be seen at island shores.

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